In order to support our stakeholders, generate economic activity for County residents through tourism, and inspire our visitors, Visit Mendocino County

  • Consistently markets the entire County and its assets.
  • Creates, develops, and manages brand awareness for the County.
  • Connects people and organizations to opportunities.
  • Provides information to in-county partners and tourism resources to the industry.
  • Delivers a robust and sustainable return on investment.


Visit Mendocino County values Transparency by fostering trust through openness and integrity.

We value Accountability as we are outcome-oriented and professional.

We value Partnerships by creating alignments through inclusive and meaningful relationships.

We value Community by contributing to the fabric of Mendocino County.

We value Innovation with our creativity that reflects the uniqueness of our cultures and landscapes.

As a leader we motivate and facilitate the tourism community.  We welcome, and are responsive to, input from our community members and stakeholders. We actively seek engagement and collaboration with our stakeholders and partners.  We are bold and deliver on smart, effective and forward thinking ideas.

Magic is Real. We are Visit Mendocino County.