Board Meetings

Mendocino County Tourism Commission Board of Directors

The Mendocino County Tourism Commission Board of Directors meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at 2:00 PM (unless posted otherwise). Typical meeting locations: 105 West Clay Street, Ukiah.

Printed Hard Copies: The MCTC BOD adopted a Printing Policy (3/8/2016) that allows for a charge of .25/sheet for B&W and .50/sheet for Color copies of requested MCTC documents.

Please note that any mailing fees would be an additional charge for the requesting party.

Upcoming Meetings:

DATE: Thursday, June 9, 2022
TIME: 2:00 PM Board Meeting

MCTC Board Agendas:

MCTC Board Agenda 6/9/2022 | Packet

MCTC Board Agenda 5/12/2022 | Packet

MCTC Board Agenda 4/14/2022 | Packet

MCTC Board Agenda 3/10/2022 | Packet

MCTC Board Agenda 2/10/2022 | Packet

MCTC Board Agenda 1/13/2022 | Packet

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