MCTC Board Packet_11/09/16


MCTC Board Meeting Agenda

10/12/16 MCTC Board Meeting Minutes – document coming

Conflict of Interest Policy



Board Updates – no document

Finance Committee Update

–Treasurer’s Report – no document

September Financials

–MCTC 14-15 Audit Report Recommendations & Responses

Mid-Year Budget Review

Mid-Year Budget Review Comparisons

Mendocino County TOT & BID Report 2010-2016

Proposed Budget Changes

Marketing Committee Update

Marketing & Communications Summit

Marketing Agency RFP Draft

Fort Bragg Tourism Research Study Partnership Proposal

Personnel Committee Report – no document

Personnel & Contractor Updates

–DCI Contract Update – no document

Campolmi Media Services

–New MCTC Employee Hires – no document

New Contracted Social Media Coordinator

MCTC Visit Center Hours of Operation – no document