MCTC Board Packet_03/14/17


MCTC Board Meeting Agenda_03/14/17

Approve Minutes from the February 2017 Meeting

Consent Agenda Items

  1. Approve January Financials
  2. Updates to the 2017-18 Working MCTC Budget
  3. Approve Grant Program Report

Closed Session Report – no document

Board Announcements – no document

BID Advisory Report Update – no document

Adoption of 3-Year Strategic Plan

Review & Adopt the Quarterly Report

Organizational Development Committee Update

Board Training

Finance Committee Update

–Finance Committee Chair Report – no document

Marketing Committee Update

Marketing Committee Chair Report

–Contracts Update

—Koli Communications

Theory SF


Marketing Report

Personnel Committee Report

–Personnel Committee Chair Report – no document

Visitor Services Committee Update-none

Executive Director Report

Team Report