Finance Committee Meeting_03/06/17


Finance Committee Closed Session & Regular Meeting Agenda_03/06/17

Closed Session

–Budget Discussion of Contractor Fees & Staff Salaries

Review & Approve January 24, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Bank Account Signor Review & Adjustments

Memberships & Sponsorships – presented at meeting

2017-18 Budget Review & Adjustments

Current Working Budget

Historic BID Numbers

County of Mendocino Administrative Fee

–Combined BID & Match or Separate – no document

–Fort Bragg Office Rent – no document

–Reserve/Contingency (10% of total expenses) – no document

Control Form

Review, Discuss & Recommend for Approval

January Financials

–January Credit Card Statement & Receipts – presented at meeting

–Review Current Staff & Contractor Reimbursements – presented at meeting